Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A Skeleton Walks Into A Bar

Life proceeds as normal. Last night the BiPap ventilator started bleeping again. This is the replacement BiPap remember. The previous one set off its alarm 269 times in one night. This one didn't reach those giddy heights but it was enough to ruin the night. So now I have a replacement replacement machine.

Sam is sick. Typically, after a couple of weeks of school, he has been struck down with the lurgy. The poor kid can't hold anything down and has spent the last few days moping about being miserable, alternating between queasy and starving hungry. Poor Polly has had yet more disturbed nights.

As mentioned yesterday, I have installed what we blogging geeks call a widget. If you look at the top right of this page you'll see “I Read This Blog”. Do please join in and sign up.

And finally, Matty is very keen on this joke at the moment.

A skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a drink.”Would you like anything else with that, sir?” asked the barman. “Yes please,” replies the skeleton. “A mop.”

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