Saturday, 4 October 2008

Red Shift

Just to redress yesterdays rant here's something I was commissioned to write a few years ago.

In the beginning
The Universe was smaller than
a mustard seed
Every star and planet was very
squashed indeed
But then
said God
an Architect
and Physicist
a Chemist, Engineer and Fine Artist
I will not have my Universe
contained within this speck
Let there be light
And light there was
The brightest flash
The loudest crack
Of thunder ever heard
And out
and in
to nothingness
The Universe was poured

Galaxies like Frisbees thrown
Red shifted into place
While Nebulae like flowers grown
colour in the space

Alpha and Omega rang
The beginning and the end
The birth, the death
The life, the breath
The distant Lord, the friend
Our Father
who in heaven cared
E equalled M C squared

The echo of that thunder crack
(what scientists call ‘Big Bang’)
can just be heard on quiet nights
still ringing down the years
Lift up your eyes and strain your ears
listen with your soul
The faintest murmur can be heard
Of God’s creative
Thunder roll

Stephen Deal 1997

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  1. Well written mate!

    Yes, and as discussed...I've changed my user name to fit in with the blog community


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