Thursday, 30 October 2008

It's The Wolf

3am. The bedroom door opens. Enter Sam, crying.

Sam: Mummy, Mummy, the wolf is coming to eat me!

Polly (from a deep sleep): What is it, darling?

Sam: The wolf! The big bad wolf! He's going to eat me up.

Polly: It's just a bad dream, Sam. Go back to bed, Sweetie.

Sam: I cant. The wolf will eat me.

Polly: He won't eat you. I promise.

Sam: He will.

Polly: The wolf won't eat you. Do you know how I know?

Sam: How do you know?

Polly: He's a vegetarian.

Sam: Oh. Vegetarian.

Polly: Go back to bed, love.

Sam: Okay.

[Exit Sam]

Polly: Vegetarian. God, I'm good.


  1. That my friend was pure genius!! She is good! VERY good.

  2. She IS good! I will have to remember that one...

    One Sick Mother


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