Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Dear Rock God

Dear Rock God,

Thank you for taking the time to comment on the I'm Expensive post. I can only assume you are trying to assuage your guilt ridden conscience for not signing up as a 'Follower' of this blog. If you would care to glance at the top right of this page you will see the group of heroes enshrined in digitized glory for all the world wide web to see who are proud (or at least not ashamed) to publicly declare their interest in this minor contribution to the betterment of mankind. Further investigation would even reveal that even the semi-computer literate Bass Bin has managed to make his digital mark. (See the comments for the Dear Auntie Judith post to see why this is amazing in itself.)

Sadly you are not the only regular reader who has not joined this elite band of brothers and sisters. EuroStoryteller, SchoolMumAtTheGate and BlondeGPatPoshScottishSchool where are you all? A few clicks of the mouse and you're there. (Obviously you can choose your own user-names.)

Thank you to everyone who has joined the list, I really appreciate it. It increases the blog's 'foot print' on the Web and so makes it easier for others to find. It also greatly encourages me. Don't worry, you aren't signed up to any kind of bizarre cult. I think all that happens is that you get notified by email that I've posted something new. And I expect you can opt out of that if you want.

So, Rock God and anyone else, please click 'Follow This Blog' and help spread the word. It can't hurt.