Friday, 17 October 2008

Dear Auntie Judith

Dear Auntie Judith,

I am thrilled (though mildly disconcerted) that you are reading my blog. I am sorry that you are having problems leaving a comment because I would love to hear from you. Please follow the instructions below and see if they help. Please excuse me if they are in anyway patronising.

1.Scroll down to the bottom of this post.
2.You will see some small writing in Block Capitals that starts with POSTED BY QUICK SKETCH AT. . .
3.Look between the time (eg 07:30) and a picture of a white envelope and you will see the word COMMENT.
4.Double click on the word COMMENT.
5.A new window will open with a white box on the right hand side headed Leave your comment
6.Single click inside the box.
7.Write your searingly witty, poignant or abusive comment.
8.Finished writing? Well hurry up then.
9.When you have finally finished writing your comment look beneath the box you have been writing in. You will see a section headed Choose an identity.
10.Assuming you are not already signed into Google/Blogger select Name/URL by clicking in the tiny white circle next to it.
11.Two boxes have appeared. Ignore the second one labelled URL (optional) and concentrate on the first box labelled Name.
12.Select a name. This can be anything you like. For example – Super Aunt or Silver Foxy Aunt or what ever you like. Fill in the word verification box if necessary.
13.Click on the blue Preview button to see how your comment will appear to the eagerly awaiting readers of How To Be An Inspiration. Look to the left of the screen, your comment appears in a green box.
14.Happy? Then click Publish this comment in the bottom right of the green box.
15.That's it. Have a well deserved drink.

Please feel free to leave a comment at any time. Just remember that the whole world can read it so rein in that anti-government talk and keep plans of assassination in code.

Thank you for reading my blog and for being a lovely aunt.




  1. Whilst you're supplying solutions to life's little problems, can you tell me how to install a wireless router... I'm having a bit of trouble!

    Also, how to make the perfect Long Island Iced Tea?

    and who was on the grassy knoll?

    I'm waiting...!

  2. Dear Bass Bin

    Check that your XP2 cable is aligned to the transverse Zyg0 slot on your Router. If your co-axil input indicator is flashing green then you must reverse the polarity on the vari-filter No.728a (Not b)Remember that Wi-Fi requires access to low voltage IQ markers and carbon fibre deliberators. On no account refer to the manual.

    Make sure you freeze the tea bag first. Some people prefer Demerara sugar but the professionals use Lime Pickle.

    It was me. If you look closely you can lip read me shouting 'duck'. I've only just heard that people have been looking for me.

    Any more questions, please ask someone else.



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