Saturday, 7 February 2009

25 Random Things About Me

My friend Sheryl tagged me in one of those interminable things that float around social networking sites like Facebook. Usually such things involve 'poking' and 'hugging' and sending each other plants or snowballs or beer and I don't understand them so I have a backlog of several hundred because I don't know how to stop them and I don't want to offend anyone. This one seemed fairly straightforward though, and I like Sheryl, so I did it. I simply had to write 25 random things about me. So I did. Then I realised I could post them here as well. So I did. Here they are.

25 Random Things About Me

My middle name is Harry.

I once had a Red Setter called Lara

I went to Hartcliffe Comprehensive School.

I drink coffee. Roasted coffee beans are my favourite smell.

I have 2 Ivor Novello awards.

I have FSH Muscular Dystrophy.

I read a lot of books.

I hate rhubarb and gooseberries.

I can't stand getting cold.

I write a blog called How To Be An Inspiration.

My first girlfriend was Elaine Wentworth. We were five and it lasted over two years.

My first love was... someone else.

I used to be very good at making bread.

Kirsty MacColl was the best.

I won a silver teaspoon in a beautiful baby competition.

I rank in the top 2% of the nation at General Knowledge (according to the BBC's Test the Nation).

I would love to see a whale.

My favourite author is Christopher Brookmyre.

My first car was a red Mini reg KY55C.

As a boy my favourite comic was called The Sparky.

I could never do the Rubiks Cube although I was among the first to have one in the country.

I love superhero comics.

I tell my children Wheelchair Man bedtime stories.

My first memory is of sitting in my highchair in the kitchen of 3 Krispin Way, Bristol. There were fruit and vegetables on the wallpaper.

My favourite confectionery is Turkish Delight.

If you would like to comment on this post please accompany it with at least 3 random things about you!


  1. I always like reading about people and yours is great,three things about me
    1 My favourite author is Dick Francis Sad I know but Paul Tillich et al are hard work!!
    2 My middle name is Stanley after my Dad who I didn't see from when I was 15 till he died when I was 50.
    3 I hate throwing things away
    Love to you all

  2. 1 I won the best tent award 3 years running while camping with the Boys Brigade when I was nine.
    2 I've bumped into Sir Michael Caine twice.Both times getting into lifts(elavators).I don't think he even noticed!!
    3 I broke my arm delivering a valentine card. I can't remember her name!

  3. Great blog as always.

    1. I have known Stephen Harry Deal for 15,866 days (and counting...)
    2. I was a police officer in Bristol for eight years.
    3. I went to an 'after gig' party in London which Bryan Adams and Billy Joel attended.

    Take care

  4. Right...we are name dropping then are we..!!

    I was offered a three month tour with Rick Wakeman...but Mrs Rockgod threatened to divorce me if I went off and left her with the (what were then)little kids. Steve's musical collaberator Paul Field went instead

    I used to lie under a willow tree in the parents garden of a young Stephen Harry Deal, and plan how we were going to make an impact on the world, and who would be the first to get a song on Top of the Pops....he won!

    I was once arrested at gun point for armed robbery......they'd got the wrong man!! I was also arrested at my home by PC Bassbin.....handcuffs and all...with the blue flashing lights...he thought it was neigbours did not!...gotta love him though

  5. I loved reading your 25 random things..

    I was accidentally locked in a hospital morgue when I went to put some forgotten dentures into a recently deceased patient.I never heard the last about it for months!

    I met Prince Charles when I was a ward sister and he visited the ward.

    I'd been singing in a choir in Scotland and had performed your monologue 'The Burning Issue'Afterwards,I couldn't find the coach that was taking us back to our accommodation so asked a steward if he knew where it was parked.'I think it's somewhere near the coast'he answered!

  6. I never knew your middle name was Harry! Interesting comments, some I have a different memory!

    1. I abseiled off the Holiday Inn hotel near Temple Meads in Bristol
    2. I haven't met anyone famous but my youngest Sam has met Ian McKelleon (not a fan so not sure on the spelling!)
    3. Still haven't met Amy Grant but still hoping!
    4. am I allowed 4?Well ....I'm a woman what do you expect ...I have just completed my first assignment and passed..yippee

  7. Keep blogging! I look forward to every new post!

    1.I'm running the London Marathon in April for the Menigitis Trust.
    2.I've sung with Sir Cliff Richard!
    3.I was on Seed Teams in Devon (96-97). Got a part in a film whilst I was there (Land Girls) but had to turn it down due to 'Seed Team commitments'. I was gutted...


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