Sunday, 15 February 2009

It Must Be Love

It was, as you know, Valentines day yesterday and I had remembered. I had arranged delivery of a rather beautiful orchid for Polly and also a book she very much wants to read. (The Shack by William P Young.) So, all in all, brownie points were accrued.

In the afternoon Polly took the boys over to my brother's house to see a litter of puppies with firm instructions not to bring one back. The puppies' mother, Billy-Whiz (named by the boys' cousin, Oscar, after the Beano character) had had seven. Despite ineffable cuteness, Polly managed to resist their furry four-pawed charm, though she admits it was a very close call. Fortunately all seven had been found homes or, I suspect, I would be writing this whilst trying to stop a yapping thing cocking its leg on my back wheel.

We had cancelled the evening care so I could stay up late like a proper grown up and Polly and I could have a quiet meal together sans children. We had a couple glasses of something, a Marks & Spencer ready meal (at this point Polly would like to make it clear that she is perfectly capable of cooking a romantic meal for two from scratch but the idea was to make it easy) and watched some comedy. We have been together for 17 years all told. Things have not been easy recently as we have had to deal with changes in my condition. Tonight was our night. I love her so much. We gazed fondly at each other. And I knew, as I looked deep in to her lovely green brown eyes, that... .

We were not alone. A bleary eyed and teary Sam stood in the doorway. Even at a glance you could see he wasn't well. He was drenched in sweat and flushed red. Romance was no longer on the cards.

Sam spent most of the night in our bed. First thing this morning Polly took him to the walk-in clinic at St Georges where he has been diagnosed with a urinary infection and put on a course of antibiotics and given a follow up appointment for Friday.

As I write this he is sat watching television and looking perfectly well. Meanwhile Polly has taken Matty on an 'extreme' survival course at the local environmental centre to learn how to light fires and live off the land. Polly, as she pulled on her coat, said she felt being a parent was enough of an extreme survival course. Maybe they'll let her build a bivouac to curl up in and catch up on some sleep.

At least she doesn't have to walk the dog.

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