Monday, 23 February 2009

The Rock God And Bassbin Cometh

It has been very busy weekend. On Saturday Paul and Darren (see previous blogs ad nauseum) pulled the straw from their hair and set off for the big city to visit me. Matty and Sam were delighted and immediately inveigled them in to taking them to the park to play football. The goal posts were occupied so Matty marked out a pitch between two lots of trees. As a result the four of them ended up having a two-aside match on a pitch roughly the size of Wembley. Both of my friends children are well past the age of going for a kick around in the local park so they were out of practice, and by 3 – 3 were well out of breath as well. With them wheezing and a disturbing shade of red we moved on to the park cafĂ© where the boys assured Paul that Mummy always lets them have double scoops of chocolate ice cream.

Later, after they had recovered, Polly casually mentioned she was thinking of moving a couple of things around in the living room. Like the gentlemen they are, Paul and Darren offered to help. It was at this point they learned that the small task entailed moving a sideboard and two fully laden bookcases double lined with books. Oh, and a fish tank.

No wonder the guys were grateful to sit down to a meal of Polly's beef stew with cheesy dumplings and mashed potato. It was the least we could offer them after their sterling efforts. Matty and Sam can't wait for them to come again. Matty reckons that if he asks Paul nicely he can be persuaded to buy him a motorbike and Sam's holding out for a tattoo. I was sad to see them leave, not least because I always feel safer knowing exactly where they are.

'Til next time, guys.

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  1. I had better start saving then......does Sam want a particular BIG tattoo?


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