Friday, 6 February 2009

Good Form

Just a very short post today. The snow is slowly melting here but the entire area is an ice-rink with ice an inch thick on some surfaces. As a result I am effectively trapped inside, as I have been all week. I'm not exactly going stir-crazy yet, but I have decided it is probably not a good time to re-read The Shining.

Earlier today Polly took the bus into Sutton (our road is still pretty icy and she didn't want to risk the car) to hand in a very important form to the council offices. We are applying to move house. The form justifies our need for rehousing in obsessively minute detail, from the goldfish need a bigger bowl to the children need a bigger bowl . . . er, room. We have been very happy where we are for the last nine years but we simply need more space. At the moment we don't have a spare room so we can't have night time respite care, which is beginning to look like it will be a necessity at some point. We want to address the situation before it becomes critical and Polly goes mad from lack of sleep from disturbed nights.

We intend to stay in the immediate area. The boys are very happy at the school they attend and we have many good friends in the area that we would not want to lose. So, we've started the process, I'll keep you informed of our progress. Would anyone like to guess how long it will take?

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