Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Poorly Puppy

As you can tell from the fact that I'm updating this blog, I'm still alive. I'm being very sensible, eating a little, drinking fluids, taking my medicine, having nebulisers and not attending arena based spectacles in the south-east of London. No sir, I'm a good boy.

I am, however, sick of being sick. I can't even lie back in my new whiz-bang wheelchair without drowning in self-produced fluids. Worse still, in many ways, I know I should be grateful that this is still a relatively minor illness by my standard, and I should be happy that I've not been carted off to hospital to be ventilated through a tracheotomy. Still, it's only September, and a long winter looms. Oh enough, Stephen.

Disconcertingly, my GP reads this blog, so, given my stupidity on Sunday, it was with some trepidation that I had Polly ring him to confess that the nasty green stuff in my lungs was, indeed, still nasty and still green, despite 5 days on Co-amoviclav and a course of Prednisolone. So, now, Dr T, having noted that according to Twitter, I was feeling a bit better, has forgone a switch to Ciprofloxacin but has upped the dose of Prednisolone. (He did phone to check I was actually improving – he doesn't just diagnose and prescribe based on Twitter tweets, he's a professional after all.) He's also ordered a sputum test. (I tell you all this because I know Jacq, Ronnie, and any other GPs reading this are itching to know.)

Polly went to the Chemist in the village to collect the prescription. It was not, she told me, our regular pharmacist, but another pretty young woman, who, having done the necessary identity checks, remarked, as she handed over the bag of drugs, that she had looked at my file on the pharmacy computer.

“Poor Mr Deal, ah, bless him,“ she said chirpily. “He has been a poorly puppy.” Sweet.

Polly says that in 16 years of marriage she's never thought of me as a puppy. Many other creatures however. . .

Until next time. Bye.


  1. Firstly...
    Sorry to hear your not feeling well. I hope that the 'green gunk' thing dissapears soon.

    A Puppy??? Whilst I have also thought of you as many things over the years (feel free to ad-lib at this point), a puppy would not have been my first choice! For obvious reasons, I still favour Dylan the 'laid back' rabbit. Although the pretty young chemist might not remember such intellectual television landmarks as The Magic Roundabout?

  2. Either that's not the chemist in the village, or she was an escapee from the vetinarians and you are now being treated for green parvovirus rabbit flu. Good luck with that Fluffy.


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