Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Managing The Bathroom

I'm not sure how this story will translate for international readers but it made me laugh.

Polly and I have undertaken to project manage the renovation of my sister and brother-in-law's house in Surrey. Helena and Andrew have been living and working abroad for the last few years and the house has been on the rental market. It needs a lot of work doing to it and so various quotes are being acquired. Fortunately Helena was in the country last weekend and was able to go through the various aspects of the job with us in person. She decided, rather than repair the bathrooms, she would have new ones fitted, so asked us to find out how much this would cost. I asked her if she wanted us to refit the downstairs cloakroom while we were doing the bathrooms because a third lavatory wouldn't cost much more than two.
“You might might be able to get a three for two deal or something like that,“ I observed.

“Surely, if you get buy one lavatory and get one free,” quipped Polly, “that special offer would be a BOGOF!“

As I said, it made me laugh.


  1. Ha!

    Been meaning to mention that I saw sony e readers advertised in Borders as coming soon (and I heard somewhere they are/will be in WH Smith I think too) so maybe that may lead to a drop in prices for the books.

  2. Toilet humour always makes me laugh.

  3. That's more like it!!....chuckle!

  4. It would appear that you and Polly have been watching too many 'Carry On' films..! ooer.

  5. You’ve all gone potty on me, so by not being longwinded in any way what so ever and after the thought that you might be a bunch of intellectuals or theologians or something, ideology makers or at least something better than me , but no , your just the same as me, you bunch of master farters!!

  6. Found this on the Tom Tom web site: Strap one of these to your car,turn it on then enjoy John Cleese with the whole family.....as Polly takes you all to Surrey via unsuitable roads in Cardiff.
    "Use your TomTom device as an audio player
    Can’t find the time to catch up on your favourite books and business magazines? Want to use your travel time productively?
    Let world-famous narrators read the latest best-sellers, magazines and newspapers to you! TomTom has teamed up with Audible Inc. - the world’s largest supplier of digital spoken books - to offer a vast catalogue of titles."

    It would be interesting to know how many weeks old the newspapers would be wouldn't it? And who decides which section of a paper they read out. The Dow Jones Index would take up at least an hour. Fascinating. Think of all the money you could save on newspapers. Whatever will they think of next?


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