Monday, 21 September 2009

How To Be Sick And Stupid

Thursday evening: start to feel a bit rough.

Thursday night: Very hot, coughing.

Friday morning: ill. Nasty green stuff evident in lung. Phone the good doctor Toosy, who must have groaned inwardly. He decides not to mess around and prescribes anti-nasty green stuff-biotics and steroids. Take Paracetamol. Use Salbutamol nebulisers. Very anxious about something.

Late Friday morning: new wheelchair arrives with accompanying engineer and physiotherapist. . Too exhausted to be excited. Will write about chair soon.

Friday afternoon and evening: miserable.

Friday night: coughing, hot, sweaty, anxious.

Saturday: sleep until 3pm. Spend rest of day bravely rallying. Eat a little risotto. Go to bed. Have taken decision. Sleep.

Sunday morning: if you are a doctor, especially my doctor, stop reading now. Went to O2 arena in Greenwich to see Ben Hur – Live. It's our anniversary this week and Polly had booked it a while ago. I sooooo wanted to see it. Fabulously spectacular, will write about it soon. Drove home over every bloody speed bump in South London.

Sunday evening: pay for earlier stupidity. The whole going to bed thing a ghastly, messy, embarrassing disaster. Apologise to carers.

Monday morning: exhausting get up. Still getting used to new wheelchair. Drugs, nebulisers and cough-assist machine. Decide to update blog.

More soon, assuming I live. Bye.


  1. Hey Stephen, you can't just leave it there!!!! You bring us all this sorry saga and then end in the middle, saying more soon, assuming you live! What if you don't? (LOL) We shall never know the outcome 'cause the blog won't get updated!!!

    You might hvave waited until you knew a little more of what was happening - now we're all on tenterhooks, desperate to know more .....!!!!

  2. Come on Stephen, Brian is right, we need you to get better so we can find out if your new gadget wheelchair has lots of hammer marks on it, and if Ben bloody Hur (I'm allowed to say that in this context) is worth paying out my hard earned readies to go and see. Keep fighting, you know it makes better sense than the alternative. If you want someone to pop round to read to you from your new tablet gadget, give Rev. Will a call, he knows my number. Get well soon mate.

  3. I have my ear close to the ground and can see everything (that and you are also on my twitter).

    Get well soon Stephen. Hope you enjoyed the show and are not suffering too much at the moment.

    Dr Toosy


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