Sunday, 28 September 2008

Now We're Cooking

Just a very quick post tonight. The boys have both been away on sleepovers. It has been wondrous quiet. Polly has used the time to cook a vegetable Dansak for 80 people, in preparation for her birthday party in a couple of weeks time. She's also made Channa Bhajee and Dall for 80 as well so I hope everyone comes or guess what I'll be having for tea until Christmas next year.

Oh, and I've realised why I'm not sleeping so well. My air mattress is slowly deflating during the night. I'm ending up lying on a metal bed frame which seems to defeat the point of the hugely expensive equipment meant to facilitate a decent (bed sore free) night. Also the alarm keeps going off on the BiPap whenever I pull the duvet up near my face because it thinks I'm suffocating. If it keeps doing it Polly says she'll give it a reason to go off. Sweet dreams.

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  1. Women have a lovely way with words when you are feeling 'off colour', it normally means threatening to seperate ones breath from ones body if we don;t stop whinging.


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