Wednesday, 24 September 2008

15 And Counting

Tomorrow is Polly and my 15th wedding anniversary. I'm fairly sure now if we were to split no one would expect us to give them their wedding present back. Not that we are planning to split, we are very happy together despite the ever shifting ground on which our lives are played out on. In fact, a side from the recent down turn in the Muscular Dystrophy stakes with all its complicating factors, Polly and I are entering yet another new era. Both our children are in full time education. For the first time in over eight years our home is a child free zone between 9.00am and 3.30pm. Yesterday we found ourselves with time to have a conversation. A real grown up chat. And it wasn't even last thing at night when we were both exhausted.

We've booked to go to a very nice restaurant for lunch tomorrow and yes, I have remembered to buy an anniversary present. All things being equal, I'm greatly looking forward to the next 15 years. And since all things won't be equal I'm so glad I've got Polly to share my life with.