Tuesday, 16 September 2008

I'm Okay Really

Don't panic! I'm okay. I don't know, you have a bit of a moan and suddenly you're inundated with emails, comments and visits from concerned friends. Thank you for your concern, I appreciate it but I really am all right. I am not suicidally depressed, just a bit fed up. I've pulled myself together and given myself a strict talking to and agreed with myself to put it all behind me and look on the bright side whilst counting my blessings and turning that frown upside down. Is everybody happy? You bet your life we are.

Okay, on with life. This week S ((or Sam as we shall now call him since I omitted to change his name in the Me in a Magazine post.) (We'll come back to that.) ) (Help, I think I'm lacking in parenthesis control.) (I'll start the sentence again.) This week Sam started big school. He is in the reception class and wears a uniform and feels very grown up. For this week he only does mornings and lunchtime but from next week he goes full time and confidently expects to be elected head-boy by the end of Friday. When Polly took him on his first morning she asked him if he wanted her to walk him to his classroom. He didn't. She watched him trot across the playground and join the line for his class. There was no fuss and no tears – at least until he was out of sight. Then Polly admits she got a little emotional.

Until now I have called Sam S and Matthew M. Why? And why change now? The internet is a fabulous thing, but as we are continually reminded, a potentially dangerous one as well, especially for children. When I first started this blog I wasn't sure what direction it would take. Maybe I would be the 'Deep Throat` of disability issues, blowing the lid on blue badge abuse and black market spare wheelchair parts. I had visions of irate disabled fraudsters trying to track me down and silence me with a crutch in the back. Maybe they would use the children to get to me. But they could only do that if they could identify them. Ha ha! You see my cunning plan to thwart these fiends? In the end I decided to play it safe and hide my undercover work and concentrate on the less dangerous day to day stuff like whinging about my aches and pains. So you see there is no point trying to use my children against me, they know nothing.

Thanks for reading and for caring.

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  1. Glad to hear that you are back in the throws of ill humour as opposed to ill health! That still won;t stop me and Bassbin comin gto torment you!

    be afraid...be very afraid.

    By the way....shhhh....do you know anybody that wants to buy any wheel chair plates....I've got a grose....the only marks are where i scraped the NHS logos off them...cheap!


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