Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas And The Most Dangerous Service Of The Year

It is Christmas eve and the big day hurtles towards us like a runaway snowball. I have two small boys who are wound up to fever pitch and vibrating with excitement. So much so, that if I could find a way to harness the energy they are emitting the world fuel crisis could be averted.

We've just come home from the most dangerous church service of the year, Christingle. For those of you not familiar with this peculiarly Anglican service, it's a children's carol service involving flaming oranges. Imagine 3 or 400 people, many of them children, holding oranges with lit candles stuck in the top, and waving them around whilst singing Away In A Manger. I make it my business to sit as near to a fire exit as possible. I'm pleased to announce that once again this year there was no fatal conflagration.

Matty and Sam took part in the nativity play as a king and a shepherd respectively. Sam ran down the aisle shouting “We're going to Bethlehem to see the bay-beee!” Very sweet.

Thank you for reading 'How To Be An Inspiration`. Assuming I survive the next few days I'll try and post again on or around New Years eve.

Merry Christmas to everyone reading this, what ever your faith or personal belief. Above all, let this be a time of peace for you. Even if you have children.


  1. I went to a Christingle service this year, for the first time! Mmmmm..... It certainly was interesting. Once we had the "Health & Safety" talk out of the way, the children started to process round a very old, very crowded church and I am pleased to say that we had no need of all the strategically places fire blankets. The smell of toasted sweets was unfamilliar to me but the children had obviously done this before & were all dab-hands at it,and managed without getting burnt themselves.

  2. Hi as a Health and Safety officer I can only agree with you Stephen, such a pretty service, such a worry, but it does bring in the mums and dads and we don't have a talk or the safety blankets.Love to you and Polly and the kids Happy new Year


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