Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Phone Home

Just a very quick post today. We have had to buy a new phone because the old one had become so faint sounding you had to shout very very loudly to be heard; so much so that you may as well have leaned out the window and bellowed in the general direction of the person you were calling. The new phone comes with a manual the size of the local telephone directory and has more computing power than my first PC. I've spent the day programming in numbers and choosing which of the 20 different ring tones to use. More importantly I've had to allocate different screen colours to each category of caller. Plus I've had to work out how to work the integrated answerphone and charge the thing. Polly is complaining that you need a degree in IT to use it. She has, however, chosen the screen saver: a Basset Hound with it's ears flapping. I despair. The phone is a sleek, black technological marvel but is sitting on its sleek, black elegant stand with a dopey long-eared dog glowing on its brightly lit LCD screen. It's a travesty.


  1. that bloody phone...makes a soppy dog with flapping ears look like a master of techmockery......or is it moi?

  2. I'm just jealous that a dog has a better grasp of tehnology than you realize.....


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