Monday, 16 June 2008

A Happy Day

We went to a wedding yesterday. Andy and Jo, I doubt you are reading this because you have other things on your minds, but congratulations and. thanks for a lovely day. Andy is the eldest son of my friend, the late Rob Frost., and so there were more preachers, ministers and pastors than you could shake a stick at. Rob, who died of Cancer late last year, was a minister, evangelist, radio and TV presenter, writer of countless books and articles, producer, entrepreneur, novelist and doctor of theology. I worked with him over a period of more than 20 years and we travelled tens of thousands of miles together. He wasn't concerned about my disability, only my ability to deliver the written material he commissioned and keep some kind of control of the theatre company I ran. His death has left a void in many lives. So to see Andy (who in my mind is permanently aged 13 and in to World Wrestling Federation and therefore far to young to be getting married) marrying Jo was a wonderful and uplifting occasion.

The wedding was not a traditional affair. The bride and groom entered and walked down the aisle together to some kind of pop song I didn't recognise, the pastor, groom, bride, and mother of the groom all gave talks, and during the prayers the happy couple were literally uplifted before the Lord. This last exercise was something I personally would have practised a bit beforehand because it looked rather precarious to me. It was all rather sweet and fun but I did have some empathy with Andy's grandfather, Rev Ron 'Boss' Frost Snr, who when closing the celebrations said, some what wryly, “At least we will finish with a traditional benediction.” But I know Rob would have loved every glorious minute of it.

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