Sunday, 6 July 2008

You Are Not Taking Your Disability Seriously lf. . .

You have go-faster stripes on your wheelchair.

You use the battery on your electric wheelchair to power a refrigerator for your beer.

You hire out your wheelchair at the school fair for 50p a ride.

You use your artificial leg as a wine-cooler.

You fit monster truck tyres to your wheelchair.

You install an air horn on your wheelchair.

Your walking frame has runner-beans growing up it.

You have an attachment on your chair especially to hang fluffy dice from.

You go in to chemists and ask if they have a pill to cure you.

You paint pictures with your feet even though your hands work perfectly well.

You go in to shops and ask able-bodied people if they need any help.

You use the ceiling track hoist in your bathroom as a swing.

If you can do better then email me or leave a comment.


  1. Ahh! You got me on the last one. It's the simple things in life!

    By the way, I did finally put my links together if you want to check them out. You probably know them all by now though.

  2. Hi

    I thought this was funny and hope you don't mind but am going to copy it as a blog on our Creative Cafe site at ?

    I will put a link back here to your site of course.

    Hope that is Ok with you.
    Creative Cafe supports people with disabilities by the way.

    Thanks a lot

  3. These are hilarious and so original! I'm shocked I haven't read them-LOVE it:-) Thanks for the laugh!


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