Monday, 26 May 2008

World Class

It is a Bank Holiday here in the UK and therefore (at least here in Surrey) the weather is typically grim. The sky is a milky white, as if some one has sealed us in with a Tupperware lid, and there is a fine drizzle alternating with driving rain and a high wind. Fortunately we hadn't organised a barbecue. Instead we headed for Wing Yip, a local Chinese restaurant to meet up with some friends, Rob and Carolyn and their 8 year old son. The restaurant is part of a complex that includes a Chinese supermarket where, if you lack anything better to do, you can gaze at tankfuls of lobsters, catfish and eels. It's like visiting a free aquarium. In the restaurant we ordered all sorts of exciting dim sum and things in rice and noodles. I made no attempt to use the chop sticks since I didn't want to go hungry.

I was talking to Rob about writing this blog and saying proudly that it was being read in quite a few countries around the world including India, Hong Kong and Australia according to the clever people at Google Analytics. Rob, I'm glad to say, said he regularly read the blog, usually when he was at work. And then it dawned on me, Rob is an airline pilot. Guess which countries he regularly flies to. Sigh.

So, if you are reading this outside of the UK, and you are not an international airline pilot keeping passengers waiting at the airport while you browse the internet, then do reassure me and email me or leave a comment. You can't all be Rob.


  1. Well, I don't fly an airplane.

  2. USA here, regular reader-- Blogger who stumbled across your spouse's marathon blog, liked her writing and enjoys yours as well.

  3. I once went to the Isle of Wight. Does that count?



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