Saturday, 11 July 2009

Not Just A Mattress

For anyone who has been following the saga of the mattress, you will be thrilled to know that we have made significant progress. Well you may not be thrilled but I am. A few days a go a new mattress arrived that whilst similar to the previous one is subtly different. Instead of tubular cells filled with air this one has square cells. I am no longer slowly rotated at night but instead I lie supported and immeasurably more comfortable. Of course the new mattress is not really a mattress but is, in fact, an Advanced Dynamic Floatation System so obviously it is going to be more comfortable than any boring old mattress.

The last few nights have passed with a delightful lack of wakefulness and both Polly and I feel much better for it. I was even able to face Sam's sports day and see his team aquit themselves well in the beanbag-on-the-head and the potato-in-a-sieve relay races. I also went to see Matty perform all sorts of kicks and punches as he qualified for his orange belt in Karate. Matty is now able to protect himself against barefoot children in white pyjamas who shout “ Ai! “ whenever they move slowly in a threatening manner.

Bye until next time.


  1. So glad the Dynamic Flotation System is going well. Can we all have a go? Sounds like a cheating version of levitation! Thankful you and Polly are now sleeping; long may it last!! (Don't forget to wake up for your birthday!)

  2. I share your relief that Matty is now able to protect himself from those p.j.-clad ruffians. Another child who won't fall victim to Bad Form in playground antics! As for Sam's adventures, it took me a moment to realize that "bean bag on the head" means balancing a bean bag, not tossing it at classmates' noggins.

    Congratulations on your new mattress. May you and Polly have months of restful nights.

  3. 1st time blogger here. Polly told wife where to look otherwise would have had no chance. Have enjoyed the insight and know that you struggle with your illness as I do with mine.Felt i wanted to talk to you a few weeks ago, but stuffed it up when the arm came round and rendered me silent. The enormity of the arm being there and all it represents just stunned me.Not sure if you understand what I mean, but by time I had recovered from my stupid self imposed shock you were off talking to an airline pilot. Still, I did captain the winning team at the quiz night at the cricket club to make up for my lack of manners, had to share the biscuits around though.
    Not too good at this blogging, can't get google to accept me and hence posted as anonignoranous.This might be my one and only ever blogging. Horrah I hear you say!

  4. Congratulations to all on mattresses, pajamas, and bean bags.


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