Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Speak Easy

I have a new on-screen keyboard I am trying out, it has lots of fancy predictive text facilities that should, in theory, speed up my typing. I can but give it a go.

Yesterday I was visited by a speech therapist who came to remind me how to talk, which was very useful because it is the kind of thing I might forget left to myself. Apparently I have a tendency to Dysarthria, which means slurred speech, something I used to achieve with a bottle or two of wine but now comes naturally. Who says I'm not making some progress. She asked me it I wanted to consider using a voice amplifier. This would mean wearing a head microphone and a small speaker but would make shouting at the kids easier. The problem, as I see it, is that the small speaker looks as though it was designed circa 1979 in beige plastic, and lacks even a retro nostalgia. Imagine an ipod speaker designed by Tupperware.

The speech therapist gave me a helpful advise sheet which includes useful suggestions such as “ Do not carry on talking when your breath has run out. Stop, breathe in and carry on.“ I think you will agree that that is very sensible and I will seek to do just that.

Until next time... Breathe in, breathe out.