Thursday, 7 May 2009


My apologies for the lack of posts this week. Frankly, tapping these missives out letter by letter puts me off writing unless there is something I particularly want to tell you about. This has been a slow week.

Yesterday I was visited by Gina, a community physiotherapist. Usually I have little truck for physiotherapists, who in my experience want to inflict pointless and painful exercises upon me, or wish to pummel me on the chest, ostensibly to clear mucous from the lungs, but in reality to satisfy their own sadistic tendencies, hammering away whilst saying, “there, does that feel better?” Physiotherapy is, generally speaking, a discipline that wishes to inflict pain and suffering with the intention of easing it. So it was with resignation rather than with anticipation that I greeted Gina.

Gina turned out to be quite nice. I think I should make it clear that this sentiment was in no way influenced by the fact that she was a young, blonde, bronzed, pony-tailed Antipodean who by all rights should have been dressed in a swimsuit, running along Bondi beach with a surf board tucked under one arm and with a can of shark repellent held at the ready, preparing to plunge into the foaming sea. No, that thought never entered my mind. Obviously. Not for a second. No.

Gina prodded and pulled me in the manner typical of her profession. She examined ceiling hoists, profiling beds and shower chairs, pronouncing herself unsatisfied at my lack of support, both from certain other services and, less figuratively, from my wheelchair seating position. Polly watched with an amused expression as I tolerated being poked and stretched with uncharacteristic good humour, arching her eyebrow as I said “No, that hardly hurts at all,” as my feet were being twisted into an unnaturally natural position.

Later, with the theme tune to Neighbours unaccountably running through my head, I thought about writing a post for this blog, but then thought, no, I'm too exhausted by my exertions at the hands of a health professional to manage right now. They'll have to wait until tomorrow.


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  1. When all is said and done....when it finally boils down to're just bloke.

    Good on ya


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