Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Why You Should Listen Carefully To Your Children

The other day, as Sam was about to go into the shower, he called out to Polly and asked “Mummy, please can I play with the foam in the shower?” There was a plastic bottle of shower foam he liked to play with, making foam bunnies and other foam based fauna. He had to ask before using it because previous occasions had resulted in the bathroom ending up knee deep in bubbles and the bottle emptied in a single session. Polly told him to go ahead and have fun and thanked him for asking so nicely.

Sometime later Polly went into the bathroom expecting foam bunny carnage but found it spotless. Sam was sat under the shower playing with something intently. “What have you got there, darling?” she asked. Sam, grinning happily, held up Polly's mobile phone. “Sam!” she exclaimed. “What are you doing?” Sam looked up shocked and burst in to tears. “But Mummy,” he wailed. “I asked very nicely if I could.” Polly, wrong footed for a moment, paused. Foam? Phone?

Polly looked at the now water-logged communications device and forced a smile. “Yes darling, you asked very nicely. Would you like to get dry now?”

“No thank you. I haven't finished playing my game yet. Can I play with some foam now?”