Wednesday, 23 July 2008

School's Out

We have wound down to the end of term here. We've had sports day and the Nursery concert, the school disco and end of term reports. The last day of term is upon us.

Sports day seemed to consist entirely of relay races involving hoops and jumping over small hurdles. If the London 2012 Olympics has a 'Getting Dressed As A Waiter And Jumping Over Small Plastic Hurdles Whilst Carrying A Tray Of Cups Half Full Of Water' then Team GB are a dead cert for a Gold. The best bit was the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom race where (in relay of course) the child athletes crawled through tunnels, donned a hat, flicked a skipping rope like a whip, all the while being chased by an infant on a space hopper who was doing an earnest impression of a rolling boulder.

The Nursery concert had a horticultural theme, with all the children wearing paper hats in the shape of flowers. S wore a hat with an enormous sunflower type thing that totally obscured the poor child behind him who has therefore been effectively eliminated from the photographic history of this years nursery class. I can imagine his parents scanning the dozens of digital images taken and wondering if their darling one was actually in attendance. All the songs featured a flower, vegetable or life-cycle of an insect. All very sweet. (Except have you ever really thought about the rhyme 'Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home`?)

I am happy to report that the boys school reports were excellent The worse that was said of M was in the section dealing with Sports and Fitness where his footballing prowess was described thus: 'M is a team player with adequate ball skills', which I think may be the very definition of the phrase 'damning with faint praise'.

So school's out and the long summer holiday begins. I will let you know how they are going.

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