Monday, 1 December 2008

Wall-E Wants A Cracker

I would like to tell you about my time in the Civil Service. A tale of cigarette smoke and seagulls. But at this moment I am distracted by a pain in my right foot and I can't concentrate on anything else. My foot naturally would turn inwards on it's side. There is a point about the size of a penny where all the weight comes to rest. If I try to place the foot in such a way as to relieve the pressure then this stresses muscles further up the leg. It is coming to the point where I am considering judicious use of a chainsaw to remove the offending appendage.

On Saturday it was my friend Stuart's 35th birthday. To celebrate, some 40 or so of his friends and their families, including us, descended on Wing Yip, a centre of all things Chinese for a buffet style meal. The food was fantastic and it was lovely to see everyone, but I think I must be getting old (well much older than Stuart) because the heat and noise of so many people (for people, read children) in such a confined space made me feel positively claustrophobic. Would it really be too much to expect to enjoy satay chicken on a stick and some Hong Kong style noodles without a plastic model of Wall-E landing amid the prawn crackers in front of you? Perhaps it was all a dastardly ploy to get me to experiment with Chinese herbal remedies for migraines. Or perhaps my foot is making me grumpy. Any way, happy birthday Stuart. Just think, by the time you are my age all those kids will have grown up and left home. There's a thought.


  1. I could offer you the use of a very sharp, snap blade knife to help with tidying the wound up if you need one, Stephen! One great advanage of these is that if you should inadvertently blunt the cutting edge on bone (or anything else for that matter) all you have to do to to resharpen is break the end section off. And since they have 10 sections you can really make a perfect job of removing the ragged edges!

  2. That's not strictly you always point out...with much enthusiasm, I am a whole 10 months older than you, which makes me 48...and both my kids are still at home as are Bassbins!!

    I think you may have given Stewart a false hope.

    Your broken friend
    Rock God


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