Sunday, 16 November 2008

Home Alone - ish

Polly has been away for a girly weekend with her friends from the school so I've been left to fend for myself. I say by myself but I mean by myself and with a little help from my friends. By myself apart from Elly who came on Friday evening to look after the boys while I was at the cinema (Max Payne – don't bother) and slept over 'just in case'. Apart from Kalapo and Godfrey who came each evening and morning to put me in and get me out of bed. Oh, and the two district nurses who turned up on Saturday and Sunday afternoon to help me go to the loo. And Jason, a paramedic and friend who came later on in the day to help me go again. Then there was Anna and PJ who came over on Saturday late afternoon. Anna took the boys for a sleepover and PJ stayed and we had a take-away together. Oh, and Karen, who popped in with her son Tristan and joined us. PJ slept over 'just in case'. But apart from them, I was all alone, all weekend. So lonely.


  1. I really do feel so sorry for you, Stephen - such a lonely weekend. Polly should feel totally ashamed of herself for leaving you to cope all by yourself (well sort of) whilst she went away to enjoy herself!

  2. Anyone would think your popular.......but we know better.....don't we? LOL


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