Wednesday, 30 July 2014

How To Be An Inspiration is BACK!

'When are you going to start writing your blog again?' a number of people have asked me lately. This, I have decided, is a not unreasonable question. I stopped writing the blog because it had become physically very difficult to type the words needed to express myself satisfactorily. Things though have changed a bit since my last entry in 2011 and quite a lot since I stopped regularly updating in 2010. I'm still using an iPad (an iPad Air actually) but I have discovered that if I use a longish stylus, a particular type of stand, and a non-slip mat I can position my hand in such a way that allows me to pick out letters, one a a time, but at a reasonable speed. So... I hear by announce that, until such time that things change again, the How To Be An Inspiration blog is back. Tell your friends, your relatives, your therapist. Why now? Polly, the light of my life, the button on my pajamas, the mother of my children, has decided that aside from working as a Giggle Doctor (the new name for Clown Doctor), being a children's entertainer, a parent to a teenager and a ten year-old, looking after me and my many many needs, and digging an allotment, that she wants to do a degree. She has signed up with the Open University and starts in September. Humbled by this prodigious workload I decided to start writing again, even if I could only write a few words at a time. I'm currently 35,000 words into my first novel. I've missed writing this blog - stupid things keep happening to me that I think will make you laugh or yell in frustration, either way I hope they will entertain. I'll be back soon. Thank you for reading.

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