Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Easter Break

Okay, I admit it, I'm a bad blogger. I have failed to post anything new for what seems like an age. My excuse? It's the Easter school holidays and I have two ebullient boys to keep entertained. Oh, and it's been (mostly) sunny so I've been sitting in the garden reading and trying not to get sunburn.

Last week we went for a picnic in Greenwich park to meet up with my aunt Megan. We picked up my nephews, the boys cousins Oscar and Ollie, on the way and arrived in time for lunch. Obviously the glorious weather we had been enjoying took a break and we ate our Scotch eggs and buffet style chicken pies in a light drizzle that slowly progressed to a torrential downpour. Fortunately I had my ultra-stylish wheelchair raincoat with me which Matty says makes me look like a toddler in a pushchair. At least I was dry. We took refuge in the fabulous Royal Observatory, enjoying the historical setting and the state of the art interactive displays before watching a show in the Planetarium.

To help the boys burn off some energy we enrolled them both in an intensive trampoline course for the last week. Matty, in particular, has shown an aptitude for the sport and attained his grade 5 certificate. We have also replaced our broken tiny garden trampoline with a slightly bigger unbroken one. Even as I write Sam has just bounced off it to swing on the washing line in an attempt to create his own theme park ride. We will now need to buy a new rotary dryer.

It was also this week that our washing machine chose to break down, making horrible grinding noises and refusing to perform its raison d'etre. We emptied our piggy bank and ordered a new one. It was then that our friends Catherine and Stuart told us that they had inherited a virtually brand new washing machine and it was sitting idle in their shed and would we like it. Would we ever. Stuart even came round and plumbed it in. This saved us a small fortune and we are very grateful. Now, has anyone got a fridge/freezer?

Now as the holiday draws to a close, the boys have an inset day tomorrow so have one extra day off school. We are taking them to London zoo so you can expect it to rain.

Until next time.


  1. So the 'boys' from the West Country will be travelling to the smoke to install the new rotary dryer again will they!!

    All I can say is, fair play Sam...that's the sort of thing his dad would do when he was the same age!! I know, I was doing it with him.

  2. Hi Stephen,

    It's nice to meet you. I've read through some of your posts and really enjoy your writing and your sense of humor. I thought you'd enjoy knowing how someone in Davis, California stumbled onto your blog.

    I've written a book for those who have chronic illnesses or conditions. It's going to be published in September. It's called "How To Be Sick." A friend told me that if I could create something called a Google Alert with that phrase and then whenever the phrase showed up on Google, I'd get an email about it. Well, I don't see that phrase in this post of yours but you must have used it somewhere!

    Funny thing is, most of the Google Alerts using the phrase "how to be sick" aren't about my book (although, thankfully a few are) but are links to a blog where someone is talking about how to convince your boss that you're sick when you're not!

    Greetings from California.


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