Monday, 22 February 2010


I had a breakdown in the bathroom early last week. It took three women to get me out of there. It all started when I was transferring from the toilet back to the wheelchair. The screen on the wheelchair controller flashed up a message informing me that there was a 'brake error 1301'. The wheelchair refused to move, ceasing to perform its primary function and becoming simply a chair. A chair located in the bathroom. The two carers and Polly manhandled the chair out of bathroom and into the living room by disengaging the motor and heaving and pushing the ungainly machine using brute force. Polly referred to the manual and looked up 'brake error 1301'. The manual helpfully told her that there was a problem with the brakes. Armed with this inciteful information Polly poked and pulled various wires and connections to no effect. Eventually she removed a panel on the back of the chair and prodded connectors hopefully. Suddenly the chair sprang back into life. The carers stood in open-mouthed appreciation of her technical abilities. Polly Deal, the 4th emergency service.

I'm having problems writing at the moment which is why these posts are a bit short and a bit spaced out. Normal service will be resumed soon, I hope. Thanks for your patience.

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