Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Deals On Wheels

Just a very brief post today.

We have just got back from Greenwich. We were visiting my aunt Megan who had need of small people to retrieve some pots that fallen down the side of her garage. As a reward for supplying her with child labour she took us all out for lunch at the restaurant in the park. Afterwards we spent time whizzing around on roller blades, scooters and electric wheelchairs reprising our Deals on Wheels turn in our local park, except that Greenwich park has much more space.

Now, I'm putting the boys to bed since Polly has gone out cavorting. (All right, she's gone to Pizza Express with Becks and Catherine.) How many times do you tell two little boys to stop talking and go to sleep before you have to act on the threat to a) confiscate their Nintendo DS's for the rest of the holidays, b) deny them any Easter eggs, or c) flog them to within an inch of their lives? I reckon once more should suffice. You'd think they'd be exhausted after a day of child labour and wheeling.

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  1. Ha ha! As my daughter informed me back in the mists of time when she was but two years old: "The fun never stops! The fun never stops!" Console yourself with the knowledge that, eventually, the fun will slow down, even if it doesn't stop.


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